Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HortPark flowers

Sunny days are great for flowers and people who like looking at them. The HortPark is a great place to go to on your day off because of the beautiful landscape and the variety of flowers ranging from tropical ones to those belonging to cooler climates that are kept in glass houses. On weekdays the HortPark attracts wedding couples out on a photo-shoot with their respective photographers and assistants.

I have seen how a groom was given instructions to carry his bride and whirl her around till they they both fell onto the lawn. I have seen them do all sorts of funny stunts because they so trusted their photographer. It was a good thing such creative shoots in the hot outdoors were not the rage in my time. Ours were those posed shots in front of painted sceneries that were scrolled up and down depending on whether you want Mount Fuji or a heavenly garden with a couple of rabbits in the background. It was equally comical then and on retrospect, we should have just saved the money and had a wedding by the sea.

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