Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pandorea jasminoides - Bower Vine

The Hortipark was a refreshing experience for me because for the first time in ages, I came across flowers that I have not seen before. At first, I thought these were Allamanda flowers. When I looked them up in the '1001 Garden Plants in Singapore' I found out that they were not part of the allamanda family. The common name of this plant is Bower Vine, otherwise scientifically known as Pandorea jasminoides and they originate in Australia.
Giving the pages of the book a quick flip, I was not able to find pictures of these flowers. So for now they are unknown. Nevertheless, they do not take away the excitement of my first encounter with them. Coincidentally, they are all purplish in colour. These tiny flowers have a look of solidarity . It is as if they are all looking out for each other against common enemies. Finally, I caught sight of these small flowers on the ground. They are only about the size of a fingernail and their leaves are fern-like and they are known as Verbena.


Flower said...

Beautiful flowers!! I have enjoyed looking around your blog! The flowers are amazing and I see many others things I will enjoy coming back to view!!

Mable said...

Thank you and I am glad you have enjoyed looking at my flower photos. I visited your blog and found it filled with so much warmth, happiness, family and creativity. Thank you for sharing your these on the internet. I will drop by now and then as I especially like your craft work!