Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Close-ups on flowers

Think out of the box! What box? Who moved my cheese? The cat? Why do we need people to write books and become famous for lines like that to tell us what to do making us feel like we are incapable of thinking for ourselves. All we need to move on in our lives really is to believe in ourselves and enjoy what we do for a living. Perhaps the latter is a rare phenomenon and as a result, the former gets eroded away till we become beings with no feelings for what we do daily to earn our keep. Enter the guru with thin books and thinner illustrations and what do you get? Training courses by the thousands in dollars and cents on company time. Do we become better thinkers after 2 or three days of intensive talk and activities. Actually, no. What is the relevance of what I have written to the photos posted here? None, really. I just want to do things a little differently from now onwards. Sometimes I show close-ups of flowers, sometimes flowers from a distance perhaps because there are just so many flowers in Singapore to sustain my interest. A new approach and new angle, just some thoughts and I have the freedom to revert to my old style if I please. What a wonderful life!

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