Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leucospermum cordifolium - Pincushion

A time for celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year and on the second day of these two days of public holiday, I am lucky to have some precious time to put these South African beauties up on my blog. Proteas! What a difference they would make to any garden. From a distance they look like mirages of sea anemones floating in front of me. Closer they are like pincushions (hence the common name) and once I was right in front of them I just could not stop taking photos. I must make a resolution to choose my subjects and take time to frame my photos and pay greater attention to lighting and focusing. Since time was unlimited, I took the easy out by taking shots the way one would devour food as if there is no tomorrow. Seriously, I should be more disciplined because the result of this runaway habit of mine is stores of digital images, half of which should never have been taken.
Then again, how could I have resisted nature's show of how life is celebrated through the flowering of plants like these.

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