Thursday, February 05, 2009


Today there were no flowers
only a lone butterfly minding its own business
till I came along and intruded
on this creature's peace and quiet
I wanted to capture its form at various angles
patterns on its fluttering wings
most of all I wanted it to stay perfectly still
so that I could image those symmetrical wings in a blink
The butterfly must have been agitated
it opened its wings and then closed them
and I waited and waited long
and finally I lost my patience
So I let the butterfly be and just took what I could get
before it took off for a long trip far away from me.


alicesg said...

Wow so beautiful. You really have good patience. I think I will long So you never get to see a butterfly in my blog.

Mable said...

Ha ha Alice, I wish I have more patience doing other things apart from chasing butterflies.