Monday, February 02, 2009

Lavandula augustifolia (Lavender) - For Alice

If you only you can smell
the Lavender flowers
as I could
when I was there
If only we could
always be surrounded by beauty
as I was
when I was there
'If ' is just a word
we use when we wish for something
that we believe we really need
to be cheerful and happy
At times we do not see possibilities
until they materialise before our eyes
like I did not know that lavender flowers
could be white or pink as well
Or that they must be shaped in the way
that we have been used to
So many flowers, so many photos taken
of lavenders, if only...

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alicesg said...

Wow so beautiful. Thank you so much for posting the photo just for me. :) You made my day. I love lavenders so much that my sis bought a special pillow with dried lavender flowers inside from Japan. :) I will post the photo of the pillow after I have posted my chinese new year photos. Thank you once again. :) P.S. I did not know lavenders can be in so many colours but I still like them in purple.

Mable said...

You're welcome Alice!

alicesg said...

Hi Mable, I had linked you with your picture in my blog with credits to you at my sidebar so that many can come visit your blog. :)

Mable said...

Thank you Alice for linking me to your blog (blush). I am very honoured that you made such a wonderful acknowledgement of my post on your favourite flower. More than that, I am just glad that those photos brought you so much joy. Cheers!

Arija said...

Lavender is rather wonderful and there are so many varieties of it suitable for varying climates.
Just don't be fooled that a lavender sachet will keep moths at bay...they love it!

Tina said...

I saw this on your sidebar. Even it´s an older post, it would be perfect for this week´s PicStory: All lilac! If you like, join us! :) LG Tina

Mableinsingapore said...

Thanks Tina, sorry my response is so late as I only just saw your comment. Cheers!