Sunday, April 05, 2009

Colours of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

On a Saturday morning, the flowers in the Singapore Botanic Gardens were at their best for the visitors. It was very crowded even in the late morning but even then our enjoyment of the flowers was in no way lessened.

Left: barringtonia acutangula(Indian Putat) Right: Frangipani delights.

Almost a perfect fit, actually two different locations in the gardens.

Left: Figs dangling like golden nuggets. Right: Perfect morning to go bird-watching.

Left: A tree that has lived many years. Right: Flowers that live only for a few days.

Left: Cratevia religiosia (Dalur) Left: Mushrooms on the side of a boardwalk.

Left: Ginger flowers. Right: Pride of Burma.

Blue berries, so many of them and I do not know their identity.

Brilliant colours that could only mean one thing: A great life.

Left: The bandstand that has been there for ages. Right: Golden showers.

Left: Latania loddigesil flowers are like tiny spiders. Right: Golden necklaces.

Dillenia philippinensis

The flower has long gone and the seeds have taken over.

Finally on this post, the Illawarra Flame tree shedding its tiny flowers.

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