Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flowers in West Coast Park

当我最初看见这棵树的时候我记得感觉就像见到宝。因为普通的花花草草 其实看得太多了。这树叫炮弹树。不奇怪的名子。看看它的果就会了解原因了。有一次我的儿子以为掉下地上的果好像一个足球满高兴的向那方向跑。然后给那一个不幸运的果大力一提。我宝贝儿子的脚痛的不得了。那个‘足球’不是轻的,是好重得。这傻孩子每遇过这么迷惑的情形。我们觉得好笑但是也好心痛。

When I first saw the flowers of the Cannonball tree, it was like I had stumbled upon hidden treasure because I have seen too many flowers that are common here. Once you have seen the fruit of this tree you will understand why it is named such. Once when my son was young, he thought that a fallen fruit looked like a football and he gave it a kick. Unfortunately, he did not realise that the fruit was actually very heavy. My poor son cried in pain and our hearts ached for him even though it was quite a funny situation that we had witnessed.

圆圆形状,美丽的花。Flowers that are beautifully round.

别的花也有他们的吸引力。Other flowers are captivating as well.

最后我见到的花是这几朵些每人焦。颜色艳丽,非常令人开心。Lastly, I came across these Canna flowers that had beautiful brilliant colours.

我很欣赏我们些外籍工人的努力。 I am very appreciative of the efforts of our foreign workers here.

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