Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am experiencing difficulty in uploading my photos for today. Meanwhile I am looking at a poster on the wall that spells out "The Essence of Success" and I thought I would post the photos later and respond to what has been written about success.

Successful is the person:

  1. who has lived well. (What is living well? Material comforts or being happy despite the lack of the means to buy things to live a comfortable existence? Or does it refer to how happy people are feeling about their lives? My answer varies according to the questions I ask).

  2. laughed often (I don't laugh enough) and loved much (for every one who loves me I am sure there are a few who are not very fond of me, heheh)

  3. who has gained the respect of children. (Those I give my time to, yes!)

  4. who leaves the world better than they found it. (Er, now is not the time to judge.)

  5. who never fails to look for the best in others (Most times, yes) and give the best of themselves (depends)

  6. who has never lacked appreciation for the Earth's Beauty...(I ace this one!)

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