Sunday, June 28, 2009

Banana flowers

When you see usually see one or two flowers of this particular banana specie, it is expected. When the day rewards you with several of this flower, it is an unanticipated joy. How often do we get surprises like this? Only once in a while.


alicesg said...

Wow Lucky you. The flowers looked beautiful. I remember when I was young (Pri. 6), I went to my best friend's house and we had bananas straight out of the banana plant. So much fun and funny thing was both of us pass gas after eating it...hahaha...we both laugh so hard.

Mableinsingapore said...

Wah, lucky you!! A friend of mine was a kampong kid with many siblings and each time they were hungry they would climb a rambutan or mango tree to have a feast amongst themselves. Don't know if they experienced the same after-effects. I was thinking that it must have been a lot more fun than calling for a fast-food delivery and healthier too!