Sunday, June 07, 2009

Purple flower for Alice

Shades of purple, whenever and wherever
I see a flower that has this richly blended colour
I always think of Alice who regularly drops by
with words of kindness and good humour
This post is for her, my fellow blogger
whose visits make my blog that much brighter


alicesg said...

Hi Mable,

Oh so sweet of you. I love purple and this purple flower is so ideal for me. Now it really make me so cheerful. I have a new blog for my "trash talk", but not sure if it will be a permanent blog. I will post my childhood photos and flower arrangement which I learnt long ago in the new blog in coming days.

Thank you so much Mable.

Mable said...

Glad you like the flower and looking forward to seeing photos of your childhood and flower arrangements :-)

alicesg said...

Hi Mable, my photos are up in the new blog. :) Had to create a blog for my personal photos away from the normal blog. :)

alicesg said...

Mable, I hope you dont mind me putting your photo in my blog cause I love the purple flower so much and the fact it is purple. :) I mention you in my post in here

Anya said...

Hi Mable
I am a friend from Alice.
It is a beautiful flower that you give to Alice:)
Very sweet of you :)
Lovely flowerful blogsite you have,
I love it !!

from The Netherlands

Mable said...

Thanks Anya and I must also thank Alice for leading you here. Let me know what your favourite flower or colour is. I will do a post for you! :-)