Friday, June 19, 2009

Unusual flower again - Aristolochia grandiflora

This time there were two flowers and they were unopened. Maybe Alice might visit Hortpark this weekend and take pictures of them in bloom. I managed to ID this flower this time. Interesting facts about this flower here. Reading about the stink exuded by this flower surprised me because my friend and I smelt nothing revolting even though we were standing close to these two flowers.

Common name: Pelican flower


alicesg said...

Hi Mable, That's a lovely flower. I would love to visit the hort park but not now. Just returned from the hospital visiting my brother in law. He had a very successful heart bypass. I really admired and appreciated these smart doctors.

Mable said...

Hope your brother-in-law is making a speedy recovery Alice. Now you know where to find the flower, you can go anytime.

alicesg said...

Ty Mable. Yes, he can actually be discharge today but I think he might want to stay for a couple more days.