Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unusual Flower

It was a visit to the Hortpark glasshouses to impress my neice with the flowers that she normally does not get to see in Malaysia. The flowers were their usual lovely selves inside the cool glasshouses while we melted in the sweltering heat outside. Then we walked round the side of the building where I wanted to show her the passion flowers. There were none but look what we saw! I am not sure about the identity of this plant. It might be the Aristolochia littoralis.


alicesg said...

Wow this is very unique. I must visit the hort park one day. I posted a spice corner in Fort Canning Hill, but did not have time to explore the whole place cause I was actually suppose to be at a ROM Ceremony...lol.

Mable said...

Haha, make that ROaM the next time! Good luck on seeing this flower when you visit Hortpark. You might also see the passion fruit and flowers as they share the wall with this flower.