Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canon 400D captures

I took our two-year old Canon EOS 400D for a walk in the Singapore Botanic Gardens to get a different kind of photography experience. So I have said that I like small, compact cameras and that I adored my Canon IXUS 80 for its simplicity and convenience. The Canon 40oD is of course a lot bulkier but thankfully the weight is not proportionate to the mass and it was rather fun handling it. The pictures have that depth and clarity that I do not see very often with the smaller cameras. This time I was trying out the 18-5mm lens with Image Stabilizer. The joke was I did not know that the IS was in the 'off' position. Next time I will try out the 55-250mm.

Giant Spider Lilies (Crinum Asiatica)




Bauhinia Kockiana

Alpinia Purpurata

Pagoda flower

Hibiscus mutabilis

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alicesg said...

Lovely photos of the flowers. And what do I know about camera, I know nuts...hehehe. I think I am going to get another Lumix camera, I think there's another IT show coming in September (got to check with son). He bought a laptop during the recent IT show, was a good buy and he paid by monthly instalment without interest.