Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day of the Solar Eclipse

I did not see this wonderful phenomenon and I am not sure if it could be seen in Singapore even if I had made the effort. But I want to remember this day as being a lovely day especially in the evening when the air was pleasantly cool and it was breezy. I took a walk in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and found that many flowers and bridal couples were in the garden enjoying the day.
The intricate design of the main gates to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers bloom for visitors.
One of many flowers on a Cannonball Tree.
What a single Tiger Orchid flower looks like.
Flaming Beauty against the sky.
Interesting Desert Rose flower.
Practising how to say "I do".
Vanda Miss Joaquim.
Ginger flowers.
I just like how these orchids look against the light.
I found a kind of Heliconia I had not seen before (more in another post next time).
Curcuma flower (the purple one)
I would have fired the photographer for shouting at me.
Come on dear, we only have time to do this once.
The colour purple, Alice would love us.
Ever notice that some married couples grow to look like each other?
Interesting Ixoras that look so delicate.
Ixoras again, the more common variety.
Pink Plumerias, great colour for nail polish.
Give us another day and we will blossom.
An important day in history for them and for us, the day the dog ate the sun.


alicesg said...

Mable, you are right about the purple. I love the way you capture the couple through the waterfall. :)

Mable said...

heheh, I didn't notice the bridal couple until I heard a lot of shouting in the 'cave' like an army commander shouting orders. Aiyoh, the poor bride - she is supposed to be treated like a princess and she was being treated like some poor starlet being ranted at by a very irritated director. I have more purple flowers for you...