Friday, July 24, 2009

Tiger Orchids - All that glitters is not gold

When I was in primary school we had this grammar book called First Aid in English and I remember that it contained amongst many things that kids nowadays do not have to learn by heart, a few pages of proverbs that we had to commit to memory for the teacher. The book never glittered in its entire life and yet it passed on to us valuable knowledge in a way that was probably deemed archaic in terms of pedagogy. I kept the book for as long as I could but gave it up some years back because it looked like it would become a heap of dust if I were to cling on to it for another few years.
At the Singapore Orchid Garden shop I saw this huge spray of RISIS Tiger Orchids in gold. It would no doubt glitter for years to come. It will never fade and die like the real Tiger Orchids but it will also not have much of a life inside a glass container unlike its siblings in the garden.


alicesg said...

Oh yes,I remembered the first aid book...I dont have a copy of it too, cause they were torn and tattered after all the passing down from sisters to brothers to me and my younger

Mable said...

Wah, it was more than first aid then since so many people reaped or 'ripped' benefits from it, heheh