Saturday, August 22, 2009

Autograph Series - Calotropis gigantea

Carmillita wrote me an autograph that said, "In the sea there is a rock, written on it is a forget-me-not." It was signed off "With all my love and kisses". I never saw this girl again after I left primary school. What made an impression was the name "Carmillita".

I have never come across another girl with this name. Also, she was one of two Eurasian girls in my class and we were together from Primary one to Primary six. She matured earlier than most of us and so we learned quite a bit from her about growing up especially when we were in Primary six.

She lived in a house with a basement that was designed by her father and she invited a few of us to her house for lunch one day. I only remembered that her mum was a jolly and rotund lady who was very warm and friendly and we had a simple but delicious lunch of home-made sandwiches.

Why I chose to remember her by with these Crown flowers is because we were in a play and I can only recall that she played the role of a King and she wore a crown that we would have loved to wear without having to memorise all the lines she had to.

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