Friday, September 11, 2009

Hortpark Flowers - Colour Series (White)

These flowers were not growing in the HortPark. They were flower arrangements that were probably used for some function held earlier, perhaps a wedding. What attracted me to them was the lovely fragrance that they exude. My friend told me that she bought stalks of these flowers during Chinese New Year and combined them with large Chrysanthemum flowers to form a bouquet and placed mandarin oranges round them. It was a centrepiece in her dining area and was much admired by visitors to her house. She did not know the name of these flowers and I reckon that they must have been imported for my friend said that they lasted only about 4 days.

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Authentic ( Bag ) Corner said...

Hi there! This is Tuberose flower. Its grown anywhere around the world. Very popular for making perfume, soap, etc.