Thursday, September 03, 2009

Will words do for today?

It is a moment when I do not have the familiar material to work with. I am without anything that make this blog what it is. I need photos, images, whatever it takes to make this blog what it is. So how am I going to do today's post with no photos at all? Okay, I will do it through another medium and pose a riddle instead.

Think of this flower that is yellow
and it is shaped like a star
It shines from the ground, a creeper
and it becomes a vegetable
that can be eaten cooked or raw
What am I?

Yes you are right Alice my friend
A Zucchini flower bright and yellow
and I read that they can be cooked and eaten
I don't know how one can eat a flower
It would be like eating a pet chicken
I would probably cry a river
before I have the courage to devour
a flower


alicesg said...

A kind of melon or cucumber or ladies finger? Geez, I am no good at

Mable said...

Very close Alice, I give you good marks for guessing haha

alicesg said...

Yayyy, I got the clue from the word creepers. :)