Sunday, October 04, 2009


White flowers seldom captivate me and I would have walked away from this spray of orchids had it not been for the way in which the light of the setting sun had
drawn out their hidden beauty.

Today I spent some time with a friend whose father had passed away. She told me he was a wonderful father who had made her life beautiful and we reminisced about old times. She said that he had asked about me because when we had been very close friends in school. Now he is gone having lived a full life for 87 years. The last time I met her father must have been more than twenty years ago.

Time has flown by seemingly at lightning speed, leaving behind questions that we have no answers for.

Time has clouded our vision and we see things in flat tones until one day when the sun happens to shine into our eyes, we realise that it is not that things are one-dimensional but that we do not stop to look long enough to appreciate them deeply enough.
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White flowers seldom captivate me but this time I did not dismiss them as being unworthy of attention because of their plainess. This time, the sun shone from behind their petals and made me realise that I had taken a lot of things for granted in life. With that, I decided to drop by to say hello to my mum at a time when I was not expected at all.

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