Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Conversation with a couple of hibiscus flowers - For a friend

Most of my friends take photos sparingly. Most of my girl friends do not have cameras with them at all times and when we do see the same flower, they would take a shot or two or not at all. Likewise, I am sure they probably wonder why I have to take so many shots of a flower when one or two will do.

The reason is this: The camera is the means through which I communicate with nature as well as with other subjects that interest me such as architecture, people around me whom I do not know, objects lying around - in short, life.

If I did not have a camera it would be rather odd for me to stand in front of these flowers and stare at them from all angles to get a full appreciation of the qualities they hold that I found fascinating. However, with the camera, I was able to discover the parts that make up the whole, the colour, shades, shape and patterns that tell me that these flowers were at the peak of their brief lives and were healthy enough to withstand a heavy shower looking better for the experience instead of being damaged by the elements of the weather.

I talked these flowers and they listened to me because I got their responses through their body language. No words but we communicated. I could sense their joy of being alive and that had the effect of making me happy as well just giving a few minutes of my time to admire them.

Taking photos is more than just taking beautiful shots of the subject. The photos taken may not always depict the subject as perfect like those makeover shots of ordinary-looking women. What matters is that a photo captures a moment when the subject is important at a particular point in time because the photographer focuses all his/her attention on taking hat particular shot. It is not always beauty that photographers look for. In the end, the photo is really about their feelings and perceptions of life before their eyes.
Yesterday, I emailed to my friends two group photos taken at a dinner I had with them. Most of them thanked me for being their 'official' photographer at all our gatherings. But one friend wrote to apologise that she was not photogenic and that she had spoiled the photo for everyone.

I wrote back to tell her that beauty is from within and that she is beautiful because she is a friend and that was all that mattered. Not everyone can afford to be a Joan Collins or an Elizabeth Taylor and enjoy flawless beauty till a ripe old age.

If we are important to those who love us, we are really blessed because we have beauty in our being. If this hibiscus flower were to be put in a bouquet amongst more spectacular flowers, it would likely not be singled out for special attention but that does not mean that it lacks character or does not have equally interesting qualities. To my friend, this post is for you.

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alicesg said...

I am like you, never leave home without a camera. I too take a few shots and choose the best. Sometimes we get a bonus out of our photography. Like you, my family and girlfriends make me their official photographer for group I love the way you showcase the hibiscus.