Thursday, December 31, 2009

Avatar flowers

Avatar the movie is really something! Makes you wish for a world that glows with flowers, plants and trees and the ground you step on lights the path you have taken. The trees interconnect underground and a powerful lifeforce flows through their roots while the Avatars live above tapping into this invisible source of life through their understanding that nature is to be loved and protected. Well, that is just my interpretation. In any case, no one should miss the movie especially the 3D movie. It is a superb visual treat and if I were to die having to watch the destruction of the world I would hold in my dream the possibility that the after-life is a place like the planet Pandora in the movie. From my collection of photos I have selected these flowers that remind me of the surreal versions seen in the movie and pray that they will not go extinct because they stand in the way of greed.

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alicesg said...

Happy New Year, Mable. Left a note in your UK post. :)