Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cydista aequinoctialis - Garlic Vine

The name does not refer to the fragrance of the flowers. I read that if you crush the leaves you will get the smell of garlic. I have not tried that yet and have no inclination to do so for smelling flowers is not something I do out of habit. In fact, I have been conditioned not to smell flowers as a kid.
Unfortunately, to this day, I have to make a special effort to appreciate flowers through the sense of smell and only if I remember to do so. It does not really matter as I my enjoyment of flowers is derived from looking and photographing them. This garlic vine outside a neighbour's house has been providing me with many visual treats since it started as a scrawny vine climbing up a tree.

Now it is well-trained around a wooden structure that the neighbour has built around the trunk of the tree. In the clusters of flowers you see the effects of age - purple for youth, lilac for middle age and white for old age.

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