Thursday, December 17, 2009

Morning Glory

Today I bought the latest Kelvin Chen (陈伟联)album Moving Notes because I like the songs he sang in the drama serial "Together(永远)" that I have been faithfully following on Channel 8. The album came with a bonus DVD containg 4 of the best songs in the album.
Kelvin Chen is blind and he said that the colours he sees is "black, black and black". Yet that has not stopped him from lighting up the world of others with his music and his singing. These morning glory flowers are for him, this talented singer who did not let seeing black make his life bleak and dreary.
I have to spend some time to understand the lyrics of most of the songs. My lack of understanding has not hindered my appreciation of his music. Time, I need time and I will try my best to find time to learn to read the lyrics in Chinese.
Meanwhile, I shall just keep listening to his songs and the beautiful guitar and piano music that for now helps to draw out the deep emotions in his singing.

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