Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Flowers in home gardens

February has been reported to be the hottest month in decades in Singapore. No wonder my bougainvillea has been putting on such a lavish show over the last few weeks. As the weather gets hotter, the purplish bracts of the flowers are turning orangy and brown. Soon they will dry up, lose their brilliance and I will have to cut them off the branches. This kind of bougainvillea does not drop its flowers as they grow old which makes maintaining a clean backyard so much easier. Today's generous feature on my own bougainvillea is the result of great reluctance to visit any park or garden because of the scorching son and the soaring temperatures.

These cockscomb flowers in friend's garden were so pretty that I just had to capture their beauty. Besides flowers she has a water feature and friendly carps in the pond.

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