Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Smelling the flowers

I've never seen anyone smelling flowers in the park and with that thought, I decided to add a new dimension to my way of appreciating flowers. The first cluster of flowers I saw that invited me to check out if they were fragrant or now were these Ixora-like flowers. I am not positive that they are Ixoras because the leaves are huge - a feature that I am unable to associate with the Ixora plants that I have come across. This plant is strange. Where did those leaves come from? I went nearer for a close-up shot of these flowers and breathed in the soft fragrance around them.
Next, white fluffy flowers that looked like they belonged to the rain tree.
Flowers that have given way to seeds - Saga tree.
The flowers were tiny and I did not attempt to smell them for I would have fallen off the steel bridge had I tried to.
The leaves, the flowers and the seed pods in the background.
Unknown fruit.

I smelled these Saraca flowers. It was light and sweet.
This plant resembles the Jatropha podagrica.

My favourite plumeria specie.

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