Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unknown flower, Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

It was cool in the morning and the humidity of the past few days was not in the air and so it was a good time to go for a jungle walk at the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve. Though the sun was shining brightly, we escaped its scorching rays by venturing into the coolness of the Wallace trail emerging from it to re-join the main trail shortly before noon. Between this old house and the Visitor Center a short distance away, I saw small white flowers growing on a shrub. They have an interesting petal formation and when I went close, I could smell a nice fragance emanating from them.

The Visitor Centre, formerly cow sheds I assume.


Marina said...

Hi, Mable!
This tree is called Baphia nitida.

Mableinsingapore said...

Thanks Marina. With the name you gave, I went to find out more about this tree and now know that it is also called Camwood and comes from West Africa. Interesting fact is that a red dye can be made from the bark of this tree. Thanks again!