Thursday, April 20, 2006

A diversion from flowers

One morning after I had made a turn into a smaller road in a housing estate, my eyes fell on these mushrooms that looked so pristine against the unkempt grass that I just had to stop the car to take some photos. It was a good thing that I did so without bothering what the neighbourhood aunties might have thought of me. Anyway since I didn't live there, it was okay with me whatever their thoughts might have been. I certainly had no regrets because one day later, when I visited these mushrooms again in the morning drizzle I almost could not recognise them."Oh, whatever happened to you?' I asked.
"Well, we grew up and don't expect us to be the same as before."

This reminds me of my own kids who are now teenagers and like these mushrooms they must be trying to tell me all the time that they are not the same anymore because they have grown up. But I am just a mum who only wants to give them constant and unconditional love regardless of how old or grown up they may be.

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