Saturday, April 22, 2006

My tree, my inspiration

Imagine this tree laden with flowers the way the Trumpet trees were some weeks ago before the rains came. But then, there really is no need to. Not every tree has to have flowers to make a difference to our lives. To me, this tree is my inspiration to live life to the full. I see this tree every morning. It is always there to greet me as I slow down or stop at the traffic light. I have always admired its gracefulness and how lush and green it is. I draw my strength at the start of every work day from the energy given off by trees like this one, in particular this one. It is always there, constant as the stars. It is so full of life - I wish I could be like it every day. It's posture says that it just loves life - I like that attitude. It has so much confidence in the way the branches grow, up towards the sky holding everything it is given as if they are light as feathers.
I just love the way this tree is.

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