Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday flower

11.19: I had to find a bright, cheerful flower to post on this blog and call it my Sunday Flower because the skies look like there is an impending battle in Heaven and the effect on earth is absolutely gloomy. So from my garden, my Hibiscus plant coming back to what it was originally after a few months of being off-colour and unproductive. Yes! What a joy and I hope heaven will take notice and bring back the sunshine.
11:30: Believe it or not, the sun is shining outside again. Believe...and dreams can come true.


budak said...

the recent showers have sparked an explosion of Dendrobiums blooming on the roadside trees!

Mable said...

I had to check out what dendrobiums are:

If they are found on trees,are they some kind of wild orchid and please let me know where I can see them so I'll go check them out. Cheers!

budak said...

It's those pigeon orchids that grow in abundance on some old rain trees, even along Orchard Road. They flower in sudden spurts after a strong swing in weather conditions (e.g. hot weather followed by sudden storms), producing delicate white sprigs of fragile flowers that last for but a day or two.

See a picture of one occasion where I managed to photograph them: