Monday, April 10, 2006

Tabebuia rosea

Family: Bignoniaceae
Common Name: Pink Poui, Rosy Trumpet Tree
Origin: Tropical America
In Japan, the Cherry Blossoms are at the peak of the season. When I was there at the end of March last year, I got to witness the early blooming of some trees in a park. I had never seen anything like it. Here in Singapore, we have our own versions of these Cherry Blossoms. Though they are not as spectacular, when they bloom in unison, they are quite a sight to behold.

The recent daily showers in the afternoon must have triggered some need for self-preservation in these trees as they are now flowering profusely everywhere on the island where they line the roads, canals and are present in parks such as Marina City Park. The flowers range from pink to light pink to white and appear in clusters. The picture below shows a branch full of such clusters against the branches af a Neem Tree.

More photos on my website: [1] and [2]


budak said...

i am sure many ppl complain when the flowers wilt and drop over the cars/pavement.. hehe

Mable said...

There are very efficient cleaners who make sure that our pavements are kept clean and clear of leaves, flowers etc and I don't think we get the chance to complain. Flowers on my car - I have to do the job myself. The only thing that I can't stand having on my car is the bird poo and these creatures always treat my car as their toilet, no matter where I park. Why I even get it when I am driving. I've been told it's the colour.

darkmatter said...

Hi :

Excellent fotos ... and perfect timing..


marchblossom said...

I'm glad you managed to shoot the tree in full bloom. I missed the chance as I was out of Singapore for a week. Was a bit disappointed that when I returned, the flowers had already dropped. I was also wondering what tree is that and glad to have found your blog on the internet. I also love to shoot flowers and trees, but only appreciate them for their form and beauty. Didn't really spend much effort to understand their origin and names. Keep up your good work.

Mable said...

Thank you Marchblossom for dropping by. I am most happy to share my photos with you. There are more photos on my website here: