Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kopsia fruticosa

Family: Apocynacceae
Common Name: Pink Kopsia
Origin: S.E. Asia
I saw a couple of flowering shrubs on the fringe of the carpark of Upper Peirce Reservoir. The flowers were at the peak of their freshness especially after an afternoon shower. As usual, I circled these shrubs and snapped away like they were models standing absolutely still on the catwalk and they were even more beautiful because they were nature's gifts to us. So I think that the least we can do is to show our appreciation in our own way.


budak said...

i tend to confuse the kopsia and the frangipani! But both plants are underused as roadside trees!

Mable said...

I notice that the frangipanis are usually found in clumps planted in small plots of land near traffic light junctions or on gradual slopes next to roads. I've seen them around Grange Road, the sliproad from the AYE to Buona Vista turning right to NUH, Clementi. I think they are more attractive in groups rather than lining the roads or perhaps there are other reasons. Thanks for your comments.