Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bat Lily, three days later

The retirees in the park have finished their daily routines of walking and exercising at the time that I was photographing this flower. It's been three days since I last saw it and it was just beginning to open up its petals. I can't help but think that it is wearing a bridal outfit as the petals look so soft and delicate against the dark green of the large leaves.


budak said...

Lovely! They should plant more bat lilies everywhere!

Mable said...

Thank you but I prefer them to be rare or at least not so easy to find so that when I do get to see one bloom, it will be a cause for celebration. Also, people passing by were not the least interested in the flower. Perhaps they had already examined and admired it before I came across it. Anyway I had great fun photographing this flower and am glad to be able to share this lovely bloom with others like yourself so easily on the internet.

budak said...

ya.. you got a point too... and in any case, this species is a forest plant which likes shady, protected spots. It's not a roadside plant like the Crinum lilies.

On folks who pass by such wonders without heed, i wonder how many are really used to it as part of their regular walk or simply blind to its beauty. To some people, if you've seen one flower, you've seen them all...

darkmatter said...

Hi Marble :
Wow one of the prettiest batlily pics i have seen so far. Which reminded me of a chinese phrase to describe a pretty girl
han bao dai fan - literally translate to waiting for the flower bud to open ..