Sunday, July 02, 2006

Spider Lilies

Botanical name: Hymenocallis sp.
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Native: South East Asia

These lilies are frequently grown as part of the landscaping efforts of our parks and gardens.

The following photos are of Giant Spider Lilies (Crinum Asiaticum) found in the park at MacRitchie Reservoir behind the cafe that overlooks the reservoir.

Stalk of heavily laden bulbs.

They are not called giants for nothing.


budak said...

I think you are showing two different genera of plants. The first and second pictures are not Crinum but Hymenocallis sp. (also confusingly having the same common name: spider lily) which is much smaller (less than 3 ft in height, while the Crinum is much larger). Crinum also has pointed end leaves, while the Hymenocallis leaves taper to a blunt end.

Mable said...

Thanks Budak for your observation. Amendments have been made on the post. I saw the picture of the Hymenocallis sp. under the heading of "Spider Lily" with the botanical name Crinum Asiatica in the Periplus Nature Guide on "Tropical Flowers of Malaysia and Singapore". I took it that since it is in a publication the facts should be correct. Referring to it again after your comment, I realised that the description given was that of the crinum and the hypenocallis sp was mentioned not realising that the picture does not match the name of the flower on the page. Will use google search to confirm next time but do appreciate your help now and then on this blog.

budak said...

no problem.. i used to be confused too until i realise the two plants were too different to be both "spider lilies"....