Sunday, June 11, 2006

Orchid tree flower - Bauhinia blakeana

This is a medium-sized tree that is grown in our parks and other public places. The flowers resemble orchids but they are not orchids. The leaves are shaped like butterflies and when the tree flowers, it is a very pretty sight. This photo was taken at Duxton Place in Tanjong Pagar. I have seen these trees in Labrador Park as well as in CHIJMES growing in an open space amidst expensive restaurants.


budak said...

Bauhinia is also Hong Kong SAR's official flower.

There's also another Bauhinia ( which is sometimes grown as a climber, with very lovely flower clusters.

Mable said...

Thank you for the information. I found more information by searching "Hong Kong Orchid tree". Didn't know that the Hong Kong flag has a design of this flower on it: