Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fragrant Ginger Flower

My favourite Kenny Roger's song is "Buy me a Rose". On Sunday, I received a surprise call from a good friend who asked if she could come over and give me some lovely ginger flowers that she had bought for me as they reminded her of the ginger flower photos on my website. I was delighted of course and waited in anticipation of meeting her that afternoon.
When she entered the house, I caught a sweet waft of the soft frangrance coming from the delicate peach flowers and thought of babies newly bathed and powdered as I cradled the the bouquet she gave me.

At this very moment as I am typing this, it is so coincidental that the Kenny Roger's song is playing on the radio... "Buy me a rose, call me from work, open a door for me what would it hurt, show me you love me by the look in your eye, these are the little things I need the most in my life..."

In life, it need not always have to be roses and they do not need to come only from a boy friend or a husband. Friendship is not about constant devotion and attention. It is about keeping a friend in the heart such that regardless of time and distance a friend never disappears from one's mind. When friends do "little things" that are as simple as just dropping by for a cup of coffee after a long absence from our lives, we should cherish those precious moments because they did not happen by plan or design but by feelings, hunch, chance, fate, destiny or just the need to say hello to a particular person at that point in time.


Over the green bean soup that my friend cooked and shared with me, we surfed the internet to learn more about this ginger flower. We found two sites that had photos resembling the flowers she gave me. The names given were: Hedychium 'Dr. Moy' (Hardy Speckled Ginger Lily) and the other one was Peach Butterfly Ginger. Though the flowers look like the "Dr Moy", the leaves were not speckled. It could also be the Peach Butterfly Ginger but I really could not be sure. Anyway, I am sure that this ginger plant belongs to the same family as the other two based on overall appearance.


budak said...

It's not just the flowers that are nice. If you break the leaves or stems of some gingers, they release an intense aroma that is spa-like. Try rubbing a piece of the leaf and smelling it. Try it with any ginger plant you come across.

Mable said...

Did crush the leaf hoping to get that aromatherapy effect but was disappointed. Thanks for this new piece of information about gingers. If you come across torn leaves and broken stems in the Ginger section of the Botanical Garden, you will know why.