Saturday, July 22, 2006

Upper Seletar Reservoir

I came back from my jungle retreat
That I had thought was dark and deep
that I thought was filled with plants and trees
animals and insects never seen

I thought there was a river
winding through thick vegetation
I imagined hints of reptiles
eyes gleaming at the water's edge

Now I am back home
and when I climbed a tower
to test my stamina
and be closer to the clouds

I saw beautiful tree tops and greenery
the jungle in my mind
was right here at home
all the time.

Look-out tower at Seletar Reservoir Park.

Tall, shady trees all around.

A bird's eye view of the lush greenery at the top of the tower.

Not a river but enough water to soothe the eye.

Trees as far as the eye can see - is this really Singapore?


budak said...

Wah your Taman Negara trip very nice? Was it arranged by a local tour organiser or DIY?

The glowing "fern" is a Selaginella willdenowii, also found locally.

The black ginger should be Zingiber spectabile. Have seen some nurseries here stock it.

Mable said...

Thanks Budak for the botanical names. Will label accordingly later. Would love to grow gingers and heliconias in my garden but space is limited. Someday, I shall try. The trip was by Universal Tours. It was pretty good in terms of comfort, meals and transportation.