Friday, August 04, 2006

Multicoloured bougainvillea

Ever since I set eyes on this unique bougainvilla, I have been dying to photograph it but timing, the weather and forgetfulness delayed the deed. I finally did it this morning, after stopping my car next to it, wound down the window and whipped out my ever-ready Canon IXUS 800. The owner of this house moved in after months of re-construction of a one-storey corner terrace to a three-storey house that could probably win an Architectural Design as well as a Best Landscaping and Garden Award.
The most outstanding action of the owner after he moved in that commanded the rapt attention of everyone in the neighbourhood was the planting of an assortment of trees in the garden. It was as if a part of the Botanic Gardens was re-located in this corner of Singapore. Just when everyone has gotten used to the amazing landscaping and flora within the grounds of a private house, the owner surprised us once again with this multicoloured bougainvilla plant. When I saw it I could not help but think about "The Emperor and the Nightingale" - a children's story about how an emperor was tired of the real nightingale and replaced it with a gem-studded clockwork bird that sang when it was wound up. In this case, this artificially created plant (probably through grafting) is keeping the neighbourhood in suspense about what will come next and meanwhile I just love looking at it for it is quite a work of art (whoever created and nurtured it to this state) and brings joy everytime I slow down my car to take in its myriad colours.

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