Saturday, April 07, 2007

Flowers in my back garden

When the sunshine was brilliant, I took this shot using my Canon IXUS 800 IS. Fully auto settings with macro feature turned on produced this highly satisfying shot.
I thought I needed more contrast in colours to add vibrancy to the picture, so I shot from a low angle looking for spots of sunlight on the leaves.
Spurred on my the sharpness of the image of the flower, I tried a different angle to get the side view of the flower. The camera did the best job it could and I was happy with this.
Then I got attracted to this weed growing next to the hibiscus. I just love the shades of new leaves.It was in the later part of the afternoon when the sunlight was muted with threats of rain that I took this picture of the same hibiscus using the Canon IXUS. Rather dull looking if not for the texture of the petals.
Then I used the Olympus SP 500UZ and the effect is about the same as the Canon.
Since the lighting was not going to improve, I turned my attention to this tiny 'shue mei' flower. The ants came by to pose for the picture but only for less than a second.

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