Friday, April 06, 2007

Strophanthus preussii - Spider tresses

From a distance I spied these flowers that seemed to be sporting beards. I thought they were some kind of aerial roots. I took the first shot to show how the plant looks like and also to capture the first moment when I set eyes on it. I include leaves to help me identify plant more accurately. The flowers were in the middle of their life span with some already wilting. It was a challenge to find a cluster that would look good for the camera. I moved in closer to get rid of distracting details in the surroundings so that it is clear that the 'beard' is made up of thin extensions of each petal and are not roots as I had thought they were at first. I start to think of Chinese opera actors with their flowing sleeves. I can almost imagine these flowers suddenly doing operatic moves and waving their 'water sleeves' gracefully.

My best shot in the whole series.

Family: Apocynaceae

Origin: Tropical Africa

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