Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seeing flowers through my eyes - Gardenia

Starting from this post, I shall be documenting my thoughts as they occur while I ws photographing the flower featured in each post. When I encounter a flower that strikes me as interesting, I take numerous shots. With each take, I move on to a different angle, testing out how the flower stands out against the background and how I could make it look more appealing to me. I treat it as I would a person whose portrait I am going to paint. Sometimes I would change camera settings to get certain effects such as using florescent light setting in daylight. These lovely yellow flowers belong to a clump of shrubs at the entrance to the landscaped garden just above the Taman Serasi Foodcourt. Each time I visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, they are decked out in pretty yellow flowers and I can never pass them by without stopping to capture their images. By now, they are like old friends. With so many of these flowers around I had to choose one that was still whole and fresh. Found one that was near enough for me to apply the macro setting on my camera. The same flower was photographed from another angle as if it were a pretty face. Then I noticed that the previous flower was not really perfect in form as some of the petals were turned inwards. I looked again and found one that was close to perfection and did a close-up of it. When I realised that I had cropped the top and bottom of the flower, I decided to take another shot to show the flower in its entirety. Next, I thought I should show what the flowers looked like in relation to the rest of the plant. Not a sharp picture but I decided against taking another as really preferred individual flowers. Too many flowers will cause the photo to lose the point of interest. As I was getting pretty close to the flowers, I began to notice a rich buttery fragrance emanating from the flowers. I thought how wonderful that I have at last learned to pay attention to using my sense of smell to enjoy nature. As I was marvelling at my new-found capability, I realised that the colours of some flowers were richer and deeper than others. Mellow gold, I thought. Wow. And I recorded the richness of their yellow petals here.

Photos of this flower were taken with Canon IXUS 800 IS, the size of a lady's coin purse. I truly love my IXUS. It's tough, hardy, compact and reliable. These photos have been taken with a macro setting using auto mode most of the time.

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