Friday, August 31, 2007


Family Name : Apocynaceae
Common Name: Bush Allamanda, 软枝黄蝉
Origin : Brazil

A long time ago, I bought a pot of flowering allamanda plant from a nursery. It brightened up the garden with its continual flowering until one day, I gave it an overdosage of plant fertiliser. Sad to say, it never recovered from that terrible mistake of mine and withered away. Most of the time, plants just need fresh air, sunshine, water and care. The rest of the time it needs the owner to be knowledgeable about its characteristics and how to take good care of it. For now, I just like to admire the beauty of flowers. Gardening is still far from my mind.

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slurp! said...

oh well, you can always try again right? the soil is very important as well and you have to understand their growing cycle & habits as well, as some plants go dormant during certain period.

have fun!