Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sauropus androgynus - Flowers in my backyard

This shrub is a herb with the leaves and the roots possessing medicinal properties. It is also a vegetable. I obtained a small shoot of this plant from a friend and over the months it has grown to a height of almost 3 metres. I have not really looked at it closely because it was partly hidden by the numerous branches of my bougainvillea plant. Then one day I noticed the buds and flowers at the base of each leaf and realised that I have been growing an interesting plant without realising it all this while.

I took several close-up photos but because the lighting was not too good as a result of the rainy weather, most of the photos were not as sharply focused as I would have liked them to be. While selecting the better ones for this post, I just could not resist playing with the colours, the contrasts, the shades and here they are, the tiny flowers and fruit of the sauropus androgynus plant as never seen before in real life:

If I were to name these flowers I'd probably call them
Pretty-maids-all-in-a row.

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