Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Garlic Vine - Cydista Aequinoctialis

Around noon today I came across these attractive blooms in the neighbourhood. Though I have photographed them before, flowers are never the same at another time and place. These were new flowers judging by the deep rich purple colour. Older clusters have a more faded look with lighter shades of purple in other parts of the same plant. These were conveniently located under a tree next to an orchid plant that the owner has hung on one of its branches.
These pictures were taken to celebrate the wonderful day it was today because we had great sunshine. We enjoy nature's love in Singapore and are grateful for that. When I saw these flowers, I only wanted to show off their beauty and I feel privileged to have been there at the right time to witness such loveliness. Despite the heat that came with the generosity of the sun, we are blessed with warmth and abundance in just the right quantity in Singapore. What more can I say for the flowers have said all.
Five days later, these flowers are showing signs of aging:

Family : Bignoniaceae

Origin : Tropical America

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