Monday, August 06, 2007

An interesting plant in Kentridge Park

I would have thought that birds would be busy picking off the berry-like fruits of these plants growing on the water's edge in Kentridge Park. Surprisingly there were none. I wonder if these fruits are poisonous or could it be that the birds only take their fill in the morning and afternoon and by the time I was around to take these photos, they have gone home with their stomachs full.
I first noticed the dainty flowers growing on the branches of the plant - an unusual sight.

The colour of the berries were purplish, a colour that always attracts my attention. Never seen purplish fruits like these before.
Here are the flowers and fruits side by side.
And here the fruits have turned pinkish.
I only wish that the National Parks Board would provide the names of the plants in Kentridge and other parks to enlightene people like me who are interested to know more about them.

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Aunt Murry said...

Hello Singapore Flower Lady! I was in S'pore in April and took some fgreat pictures of flowers and have used your site to id them. I wanted to Thank You Very Much! You have saved me many hours. There is one, that I have not been able to id so I was wondering if you would be willing to help. You can contact me through my Blog.