Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Flora and Fauna

Over the weekend, I met with the good fortune of stumbling upon two books in an MPH bookstore that were really worth their weight in gold. Each of these hardcover books printed on high-quality paper with beautiful glossy photos were going for just under $17 each with a futher discount of 10%. There were around 280 pages in each book. What I like about them is that they are well-written and organised making reading of such books a joy rather than a pain and a strain on the eyes. These have been my most precious finds in the bookshops this month. I actually bought the book on birds on one ocassion and went back to get the one on butterflies the next day. Even the additional expenditure on train fare was nothing compared with what I will be reaping from these books in years to come.

I knew about these stamp issues some time back. Never got the time to get them and since I am not a serious stamp collector, I made no effort to make the trip to the post office to get them. By chance I saw this complete set of Flora and Fauna definitive stamps at a post office counter and how could I not buy them because there is so much beauty in the artwork? So here they are:
An attractive cover for the stamps.

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