Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jasminum sambuc - Jasmines

Jasmines - sweet,fragrant flowers that I have always associated with Little India in Serangoon Road. Images of garlands for sale as prayer offering in temples, strands and strands of these flowers on the shiny black hair of Indian women during festivals always come to mind. There are many varieties of jasmines and what I have here can be found in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Now for an appreciation of one particular type of jasmine flowers:
Jasminum sambuc
Arabian jasmine
Family: Oleaceae
Origin: India

Now for the imitations that are no less beautiful. Believe it or not, the deocrative item in the 3 photos below is not made up of real jasmine flowers. The exhibit was the handiwork of Thai vocational students for weddings. Thai drivers have on their dashboard a sort of mini shrine decorated with flowers like jasmines.Strands of Jasmines for the hair. Seen in Little India.

Look at what the actress in wearing on her hair.

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