Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zucchini Flowers

This vine crept into my view out of the blue from a neighbour's garden and presented a flower that was closed with promises of many more. I did not know what vine this possibly could be but now I do.

A few days later I saw what looked like the development of a fruit at the base of the flower with petals tightly closed like a clenched fist. The fruit looked to me like a small water melon. I lost track of the development of this particular vine. Then a few days ago, I caught sight of this particular flower. Needless to say, I wasted no time in taking pictures of it but I had to struggle to position the camera by sticking my hand out of the fence and operating it with only my right hand.

Later that morning, I noticed that the flower has closed as if it was time for its siesta.
There will be no more photos of this vine because it died. Life is unpredictable even for a plant that apparently was enjoying life in a garden.

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Shilah said...

Hello Mable,

that yellow flower is a Zucchini Flower. What best about this plant is that you can both eat the fruit as well as the flower. Google and you will find few Zucchini recepies. Check this link to see the video how to make Pan-fried zucchini flowers.

Also check this link on Zucchini

She Lah