Friday, November 23, 2007

Helianthus annuus - Sunflower

These robust-looking sunflowers were photographed up on Fraser's Hill in Malaysia. I have a life-long fascination for these flowers that hold the power of joyfulness. I see them very often in the gardens of people in Singapore and they grow up to a meter in height and very often I have been tempted to try my hand in growing them. I was told that they take a lot nutrients from the soil and once the plant is done with flowering, the soil is useless.

Instead of labouring on the planting of these admirable flowering plants, I have chosen instead to paint them. It also happens that my favourite artist is Van Gogh and I am much inspired by his paintings. This painting was laboured over a few months as my first effort in painting on my own. I may not have sunflowers in my garden but I have them on my wall.

Family: Asteraceae

Origin: America


slurp! said...

Fraser hill? nice cool getaway!
that oil painting? good work!

Mable said...

Thanks Slurp! for comment esp. on painting, much encouraged, the only thing I need is time to do more.Check out my new blog on Fraser's Hill, link at the top left corner.