Friday, April 18, 2008

Flowers through different lenses

Same flowers but through different lenses. The Canon 400D was not my choice of camera because I prefer small, compact cameras that do a reasonable job as I only want to enjoy the moment of recording what I see and to review at leisure what I have recorded and then to reflect upon what I have seen. These are my best pictures so far - a few amongst many disappointing shots. Perhaps I need to use this camera more often and to learn more about it. Perhaps I need to get better lenses than the standard and the 55 - 200mm zoom lens that I now have. Perhaps I should just get a better compact camera like the Nikon 5100 that a friend of mine recently bought. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

HydrangeasDurian tree flowers

Palm seeds

Bubul surveying the forest
Plumerias in the setting sun.
Never get tired of plumerias.
Copperpod tree

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studioZEST said...

I am so inspired by your blog that I decided to set up my own ie 'studioZEST'.
I can feel your passion for flowers and photography besides your patience and your sharing natuer.
I love reading your texts and your poems.
I also love some of your sketches, especially those of the human kind.